The Lok Jan Shakti Party (LJP) is a premier Indian political organisation formed on 28th October 2000 and led by the Honourable Shri Ram Vilas Paswan. In the aftermath of his separation from the Janata Dal (United) Paswan Ji created India’s first political party that voiced the concerns of the dalits, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, backward classes and minorities. The party has considerable following amongst Dalits in Bihar. Currently party is a member of the National Democratic.

Core Principles

Elaborating the core principle of the party on the occasion, Shri Paswan announced that the Lok Janshakti Party will stand for Social Justice in the Indian society. The party according to him, will always fight for those who for ages have been at the last rung of the social ladder. The party will stand to ensure the Social, Political and Economic rights to the poor, backwards and the destitute belonging to any caste, community or religion. This requires struggle which Shri Paswan announced will be undertaken through the pathway of Parliamentary democracy. Strengthening the voice of the weak through people’s movement, the party will register itself through its presence in the legislative politics. Thus from the Parliament to the different state legislatures, the party’s elected representatives will fight for the issues and rights of the Dalits, the oppressed, the backwards and the minorities. The sole aim of the party will be to draw the attention of the Government and the Country to the plight of those who have been wronged historically.


The preamble of the Party’s Constitution states that “the party expresses its full faith in the Constitution of India and strives for the Unity, Integrity & Sovereignty of the country on the basis of the principles of Socialism, Secularism and Democracy”. The objective of the party is to work towards the transfer of political power in the hands of the poor. Lok Janshakti Party dreams of a social order free from the needless controversies of caste and religion and wishes to work towards the creation of a nation which is free of oppression of any kind whether - economic, social or political.

The Journey of Progress

After its establishment in November 2000, Lok Janshakti Party has taken several successful strides in the direction of its expanse. Such has been the effort that it is difficult to find a single district in our country today where the footprints of our Party cannot be traced. With the party’s flags, firmly in their hands, Party workers have thronged the length and breadth of the country in their fight for social justice. The party in its spread has been immensely benefitted by the towering presence of our Founder & President and a leader of immense repute Shri Ramvilas Paswan. His political stature, his organizational skills and his connect with the party workers during his nationwide political tours have contributed immensely to the growth of the Party.

Shri Paswan though on several occasions has himself said, that more than anything else , the growth of the party is always dependent on its core principles and the hard work put in by its workers. In line with his thinking, several training and orientation programmes for the party workers are organized every year from the national to the state levels. Whether it is at the state level, district or the block level, the Lok Janshakti Party is continuously involved through its mass struggle & contact proggs, in raising the issues of the dalits, backwards and the poor people. Despite having a solid faith in the Social Media Revolution, Shri Paswan feels that the most important part is to actually go and work among the common people, align with them and create a place for the party in peoples heart and mind.

Organisational Structure

The office bearers of the party are chosen by the primary members of the party. This practice has helped the party create a smooth organizational structure from the Centre to the Panchayat level. At every level from National down to State, District and the Block – the Lok Janshakti Party is benefitted by the system of “Prakost” or the sub units. They are present in the form of the Prakosts of the Youth, Women, Farmer, Student, Legal, Labour and that of the Most Backwards. Dalit Sena has been spearheading the social, cultural, economic and the Political revolution among the Dalits. Shri Ramvilas Paswan has been the founder President of the Dalit Sena. Shri Ramchandra Paswan, MP, is the current President.

National President

Shri Ramvilas Paswan has been unanimously elected the President of the party from the day of its formation, up till now. Starting his journey from a small village called Shaharbanni in Khagaria Distt of Bihar, Shri Paswan left the lure of his selection as a Deputy Superintendent of Police to embark on a political journey based on the inspirations he drew from his Maternal Household. Shri Paswan is among the very few who having entered the political arena in the tumultuous phase of the Sixties, managed to win a seat in the Vidhan Sabha very early in his career. That too by defeating a Congress Candidate on the party ticket of the lesser known Lohia backed Sanyukta Socialist Party (SANSOPA). Having entered the Vidhan Sabha in 1969 from the Alauli Vidhan Sabha seat of Khagria, Shri Paswan continued his march never looking back in his career spanning five decades of politics. He was jailed for 15 months during the Emergency. Upon his release he was asked by the Janta Party to contest his first Lok Sabha Elections from Hajipur. Shri Paswan won with such a record breaking margin in his very first election to the Parliament, that the Guinees Book of World Records had to register his name for winning with the highest margin in the world.

Shri Paswan has had the exemplary record of having been the Minister for as much as nine Ministries till date. Having become a Union Cabinet Minister for the first time in 1989 , Shri Paswan currently is the Minster for Consumers Affairs, Food and Public Distribution in the Govt of India.

Electoral Achievements

Lok Janshakti Party contested the Lok Sabha elections for the first time in 2004 and managed to send to Parliament in its very first attempt – four MPs that included Shri Paswan. The very next year in 2005 , it won twenty-nine MLA seats in the Bihar Vidhan Sabha elections. In the Lok Sabha elections of 2014, the party managed to win six Parliamentary seats with its national president Shri Paswan winning with a record margin for the 8th time. Other party MPs are

1. Shri Ramchandra Paswan - MP (Samastipur)
2. Shri Chirag Paswan - MP (Jamui)
3. Shri Rama Kishore Singh - MP (Vaishali)
4. Smt. Veena Devi - MP (Lakhisarai) and
5. Shri Mehboob Ali Qaiser - MP (Khagaria)

Party’s Parliamentary Board

The Parliamentary Board of the Lok Janshakti Party is the apex body which is entrusted with the task of taking all political decisions and chalking out all its political strategies. The current chief of the Party’s Parliamentary board is the young MP from Jamui - Shri Chirag Paswan. It might sound strange now but he initially did not want to join politics and instead chose Acting in Hindi Cinema as his career. His debuted in a lead role against famous actress Kangana Ranaut in a film that was critically acclaimed. His film career was going strong and he was slated to do his second film when the call of duty beckoned him and he had to put his personal choices on the backburner. He contested the Parliamentary elections for the first time in 2014 and won handsomely and like his father has embarked on the political journey to fight & struggle for the downtrodden. He continues to play Hero but of course, of a different order now.